Dog Friendly Breweries in LA

LA's Best Dog Friendly Breweries

Dogs make the perfect beer drinking companions - their calendar is always open, they would never judge you for ordering a third beer, and unlike my wife, never give me “that look” to finish my beer NOW because we are leaving and WHY did you order that third beer? But, most bars aren’t dog friendly and you are ever so thirsty for an adult beverage of water, malt, hops and yeast. Where do you turn? You guessed it - breweries.

Almost all breweries in LA are very dog friendly and welcome a well behaved Fido to on a leash, but, that doesn’t mean there aren’t better spots than others to imbibe with your pup. The perfect dog friendly brewery is not too crowded, has ample space for him/her to feel comfortable, and bonus points for: outdoor areas, water bowls, free treats, and great beer.

Our overall best pick in LA:

Golden Road Pub in Glendale

It’s got ample outdoor patio space and there isn’t a sunny Saturday afternoon where you won’t find any number of dog-parents enjoying a couple Golden Road beers with their pooch. The AB InBev owned (we’ll save the “not-independent” discussion for another day) brewery really checks all the boxes for great breweries to bring your dog.

Golden Road too far from you? Here's some picks in other neighborhoods of LA:

In the South Bay, my favorites are King Harbor Brewing, LA Aleworks, and Brouwerij West. King Harbor has the low-key beach vibe, sandal wearing, “bring-your-dog-everywhere” attitude that makes you feel right at home together. LA Aleworks has the chill outdoor patio for enjoying the Southern California weather. And finally, Brouwerij West, while all the way down in San Pedro, has a huge outdoor space, plenty of comfortable seating that make it exceptionally dog friendly, and a bunch of hazy IPAs and Belgian styles. Bonus: try the Dog Ate My Homework - a blackberry Saison.

Find yourself near the 405 and 101? You will feel right at home with your pooch amongst the casual, laid-back British pub atmosphere of MacLeod Ales. Come for the cask-conditioned “real ale” and stay for the darts!

Looking to visit the Arts District for some sun, culture, and beer? Angel City Brewing even leaves out convenient water bowls to keep everyone hydrated. Best part about this area of town is the many nearby restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries and *cough* other breweries to visit.

So many great breweries in LA to choose from to bring your dog drinking. We’ve only highlighted just a few, what are your favorites?!

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