First Weekend in the Books

It was a whirlwind of a weekend. Not everything went according to plan. We hit some bumps and even full on road blocks along the way, but I think people definitely had fun and everything came off as a great success. Saturday we started at Mumford Brewing and had an awesome round of tasters (Black Mamba was the consensus winner there). Special thanks to Peter Mumford for giving a great little behind the scenes of what it takes to make a beer from scratch.

Our second stop Saturday was Golden Road. We had a few pints and enjoyed the sunshine. Finally, the Hermosillo and Highland Park Brewing served up some delicious snacks and a lot of people's first try at a sour beer. The sours ended up being an unexpected big hit with this crowd.

Sunday, we started our day with a tour of King Harbor Brewing Company. Our man Josh really knows his stuff! After a couple samplers we head out to their waterfront tasting room, right on the boardwalk in King Harbor. It was a great day to try some more beer and enjoy the views. Our second stop was Smog City in Torrance. They did a really great job making us feel right at home in their taproom.

Finally, we ended the day sipping on a progressive series of sours from Phantom Carriage and tasting some of their great menu. Those sours weren't for everyone - but it's really cool to try some stuff that has some totally different flavors than people are used to.

Thanks everyone who made the weekend a big success! Hope to see you soon.

#Tours #BeerTasting #SouthBay #Downtown

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