What is it Like to Ride on the SoCal Brew Bus?

Being a brewery bus tour company, we often get asked questions about the buses we use for our tours. We are happy to introduce you to Brewster (first name Punkie), our work-horse here at SoCal Brew Bus!

With enough room to seat 20 guests, it’s a real treat to take a ride with Brewster. She comes with plush seating, plenty of leg room, and ample space for large groups, while still being intimate for smaller groups.

Brewster is outfitted with communal perimeter seating – the perfect setup to socialize with your fellow tour mates as we drive you to your next beer tasting destination. Rather than spending your time staring at the back of your friend Fred’s head, you’ll get to spend quality time with the group as you learn about the art of brewing beer and the delicious brews being made right here in Los Angeles!

Is your group too large for Brewster to handle? Have no fear! For extra-large groups, we can provide a custom-chartered bus to suit your needs. All charters feature premium seating, bathrooms, video systems, and auxiliary controlled sound systems for a luxurious journey. From 24 passenger mini-coaches to 56 passenger luxury buses, we always make sure you’ll have a VIP beer tasting experience.

At SoCal Brew Bus we take pride in offering you an unforgettable visit to the best breweries in LA and part of that pride comes from knowing that you’re getting to those breweries in comfort and style.

Really excited about taking Brewster for a spin? You can spot her on our public tours to Downtown LA and the South Bay every weekend. Book your spot now here. For Private Tours, Brewster is a busy bus so contact us now to secure your spot today!

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