Our Pokémon Go and Brewery Guide

Pokémon Go and beer?

It only makes sense - Pokèmon Go is all about getting outside, being social, having fun and not taking yourself so seriously. We like to think our beer tours are all about those very same things, a perfect partnership!

But, what if you just want to head out for a few brews and grab a Pokèmon or two without taking a guided tour? No problem. We've got a neighborhood guide right here.

South Bay:

The best brewery in the South Bay to nab some elusive Pokèmon has to be the King Harbor Watefront Tap Room. The entire pier/boardwalk/veteran's park is chock-filled with Pokèstops and gyms. There's always lured Pokèstops. Come here to get your fix of water type Pokèmon.

Second best?

Not exactly a brewery, but for the best bottle shop in the South Bay, head to the nearby Riviera Village and find Select Beer Store. They also have an amazing draft selection, focusing on local breweries but also getting rarer national and international kegs. Grab some food, get a beer, and walk the shops of the Riviera to check in to it's many Pokèstops and gyms.


Undoubtedly, head to the Arts District (where our tours begin). The walk on Traction Ave. between Angel City and Arts District Brewing has tons of Pokèstops and there are always lures about. Meander down any of the close side streets (staying North of 4th St.) and you'll find great little coffee shops, galleries, street murals, and of course - Pokèmon!

San Gabriel Valley:

Head to Ohana Brewing for a plethora of gyms and Pokèstops. Walk Main St. for all you can catch action. Thirsty? Ask for the Spa Water a cucumber Saison or the Saison Noir, a dark Saison that won silver at the World Beer Cup.

Long Beach:

Try your luck near Beachwood BBQ and Beachwood Blendery. Park at the structure next to Harvey Milk Park (a Pokèstop itself) and make a quick jaunt around the nearby few blocks to get thirsty. Worked up an appetite as well? No problem, because Beachwood BBQ has a great kitchen pumping out classic BBQ dishes.

Have any other recommendations for us? Something that didn't make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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